English Language Training at Regent Oxford

This course is a unique pathway to your future success in the international arena. The programme follows your natural progression through life by delivering three consecutive modules, Foundation, Professional and Global, which complement each other to ensure you are fully prepared for your future life in English.

English World Elite Modules

Unlike other courses, the English World Elite programme doesn’t just lead you towards your goal; it propels you beyond your goal and prepares you to interact effectively at every stage along the path to your career in English. The Foundation module supports the development of your fundamental English knowledge and university preparation, while the Professional module enhances the skills actually needed while at university and in the workplace when your career begins. The final Global module drives the transformation from being merely a participant in the international arena to being able to make an active and influential impact on the world’s elite.

Our range of elite seminars in the school frame your course and seamlessly enhance your development. Plenaries, Lectures, Presentations, Debates, Self-Study Masterclasses and Coaching Sessions take place before, after and during school to ensure your authentic English needs are met, driving you along your life path.

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