English Language Training at Regent Oxford

Regent Oxford is a community of academic excellence for which we have been renowned locally and internationally since we were established in 1953. Our goal is to provide you with the confidence and eloquence in English so that you influence and lead in a global arena.

Our complete programme

Whatever course you take, you receive much more than great lessons. Our complete programme gives you lots of opportunities to practise and develop your English in the mini global community that is our school.

Supported learning

We have a strong academic framework to help you learn quickly and effectively. Our unique in-house teaching style fosters highly effective learning in a challenging yet positive environment. Our teachers use a clear syllabus, progress tests and structured homework tasks to support your learning and help you arrive at your desired outcomes. In lessons your teachers are approachable, helpful and friendly.

Positive, supportive and inclusive

We are passionate about your learning experience and work hard to ensure that you have a really positive time with us. Our teachers and other staff help and encourage you to speak English in all situations and give you the confidence to use your English skills in a relaxed environment.